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The Italsofa brand of furniture was launched in 2000 by the Natuzzi Group, the largest Italian furniture manufacturer and one that has an outstanding reputation for its leather upholstery.

Italsofa is designed for people with a modern home decor and an active lifestyle. The pieces in the collection have a contemporary look, elegant yet versatile and extremely comfortable.

The popular Italsofa line, which includes both chairs and sofas, are designed and developed in the Natuzzi design center in Italy, worked on by 150 designers employing the latest trends and best material.

The Italsofa collection includes the following pieces:


Puzzle -- A modular sofa that can be can changed to numerous different combinations. The sofa has a goose down filling and is available in fabric.

Bowling -- A very contemporary three-seat sofa design. The piece features a low, deep seat. It has a reclining headrest and quilted cushions. The sofa is available in leather.

Clubs -- This three-seat sofa has a modern look with its metal frame. Despite the metal frame, the sofa is comfortable, featuring four scattered pillows. It's available in fabric.


Spades -- This one is for contemporary living rooms. It's a two-seat piece with clean lines and thick piping. The sofa also has a wide chaise lounge.

Felix -- A fun, unstructured bean-bag-type armchair that's light, allowing for it to be moved easily. Still, it's very ergonomic. It's also available in chaise lounge and ottoman versions.

Diamonds -- A chesterfield-type sofa that has a contemporary feel with its narrow, metal legs. It gives the three-seat sofa  a light sensation. The piece comes in both fabric and leather.


Sudoku -- This sofa features wide cushions and a wide backrest, available in fabric and leather. It's a classic design with a metal legs.

Ales -- A classic three-seat sofa design that features the craftsmanship concept through visible seams. Comes in both fabric and leather.

Chia -- A modern-looking armchar that swivels on a metal base. It's comfortable and the design would fit into a comtemporary interior layout. The chair comes in dual-tone leather, fabric and leather-fabric mix.


Kir -- This modular sofa can fit nearly any need. Because it's modular, the piece is extremely functional. But it's also comfortable because of its high back. And it comes with metal feet or wooden feet and coverings of fabric, leather, or a mix of both.

Samoa -- A modular sofa that features an ottoman with an innovative look and rollers to make easy adjustments in layout. The piece is versatile and very comfortable. The sofa comes in a stationary version, and can have leather or fabric coverings.

Spello -- The modular version of this sofa with a modern style has a prominent rounded end. The lines of the piece are rounded, and the design has a high space-seat ratio. The Spello is also made in a stationary version.


Shanghai -- A simple, elegant armchair that has a high back for comfort. It has a sleek design with innovative metal frame for legs. The chair comes in fabric, leather or a mix of both.

Giglio -- This piece, a three seat sofa with three cushions, has clean lines, its simple design helping to add to the sense of comfort. The sofa also features slim square metal legs and comes in both leather and fabric.

Soleto -- Another three-seat sofa with a very simple, minimal design that also features metal legs.


Josa -- A cosy looking armchair despite its clean, modern appearance. The high back and arms offer great comfort. Like many pieces in the Italsofa line, the Josa has metal legs.

Ampezzo -- This three seat sofa -- it also has a modular version -- has a simple design on top, but a unique look at the legs and feet. The base is metal, but unlike other Italsofa models, its metal legs and feet are wide, what Natuzzi calls "sled-shaped."

Senorita -- This model comes in both an chair and a two-seater. Either way, the Senorita looks and feels cozy. It's a basically a bean bag chair with much more style. The polystyrene sphere inside the Senorita provide the necessary ergonomic support. At the same time, the piece is easy to move. It comes in both leather and fabric.


Luson -- The L-shaped sofa, which comes in both a modular and stationary model, features reclining head and arm rests. It also has two accessories that can be used as either tables or foot rests. And the two accessories have two differing heights.

Ronchis -- This L-shaped modular sofa has a eye-catching rounded end. With its compact look, the comtemporary design is made for a modern interior decor. The piece has headrests that add to the comfort. There are leather and fabric versions of the Ronchis, which comes in bright, fashionable colors.

Chiavari -- The three seat sofa looks inviting from the first moment you see it. Like many Italsofa designs, this is minimal, simple yet comfortable both to look at and to use. The back rest and the deep seats provide just the right amount of support. While the piece is mostly straight lines, the angled arm rests serves as a softening contrast.


Tivoli -- A three seat sofa that, like the Ampezzo, "sled-shaped" legs made of metal. There are plenty of rounded corners on this model, lending an elegant feel to the piece. It comes in leather and fabric.

Itas -- This is a real eye catcher of an armchair. It swivels on a single-leg base and has a design that is very linear.

Moresco -- A modular sofa, although there is a stationary version, that has a lot of long lines, giving a clear modern feel. There are headrests that are adjustable, along with raiseable footrests.


Norcia -- It's a sofa bed, but unless it's deployed, the Norcia looks like a sofa with a contemporary design. The piece, which comes as both a stationary and modular sofa, has a storage area in the chaise for bedding. Buyers have their choice of single and double bed versions.

Jean -- This model has such as simple design, it's beautiful. And the three seat piece is a sofa bed. With little effort the sofa converts. There's no need to remove cushions, and the armrest become nightstands. The sofa comes with leather or fabric coverings.

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