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Natuzzi Furniture

Natuzzi is an Italian furniture maker known for its stylish designs and high-end quality.

Company representatives say they closely track every step of the manufacturing process, from drafting designs for a new piece of Natuzzi furniture to crafting the prototype, from selecting the upolstery to monitoring the tanning of the leather, from assembling the final product to delivering to a home.

The intention: Building a comfortable piece of furniture that, unlike other products these days, is built to last, both physically and stylistically.

Much of the work happens at the company's "style center" in Italy, where Natuzzi employs about 120 specialists. Those efforts have paid off for the company. Founded in 1959, Natuzzi has expanded to markets in 123 countries on five continents.

The Natuzzi furniture product lines are extensive. For instance, Natuzzi Editions, the company's American arm, produces various models of sofas, sectionals, sleepers, chairs recliners and ottomans. There is also the Italsofa collection.

Here are some pieces of Natuzzi furniture and their design attributes:

Natuzzi Surround

Surround -- The sectional is an attention grabber with its iPod dock and audio package embedded in the furniture for a musical experience while relaxing on the sofa. There are two and three-seater versions of this model, and it can be ordered with and without the iPod dock and speakers. The Surround also has adjustable headrests.

Avana -- The design on this sofa is elegant and distinctive, with deep quilted seats and the metal structure around the armrests.The Avana also has adjustable headrests and comes in two and three-seat variations.

Wave -- A cleanly designed sectional that is distinctive in that its backrest is adjustable for the comfort of those using it. The piece, which can also come in two and three-seater sofas, features visible seams, which displays its artisan origins.

Sigma -- This modular sofa has a simply straight, modern design and comes in two and three-seat variaptions, as well as a sectional. Customers can chose upholstery of leather, fabric or a mix of both.

Zelig -- This piece of furniture is about comfort. It features, among other things, headrests that can be adjusted by hand or power to the perfect fit of just about any user. In addtition to two and three-seat models, the Zelig comes in an armchair and two-seat sectional models.

Natuzzi Sequel

Sequel -- This Natuzzi furniture model has an especially distinctive feature: It's armrest design comes straight from the Natuzzi design team. The Sequel can come in leather or fabric and there is a sofa version and a two-seat corner model with a bumper.

Fly -- This one has a versatile design, with an adjustable backrest to fit the comfort needs of any user. The contemporary piece is very streamlined. In addition to a sofa models, the Fly is also available in a chaise lounge.

Ciak -- A piece that is great for undersized rooms, the Ciak's design is open yet compact. It is held up by metal legs that match the piece's contemporary feel. It comes in sofa and armchair versions.

Releve -- With this model, it's all in the details, the angled arm rests, the triangle nickel-plated feet, adjustable headrests, which are optional. There are sofa versions, and a two-seat sectional that includes a chaise lounge.

Natuzzi Opus

Opus -- An eye-catcher. The model can come with various styles of armrests, and to look at it, it appears the piece is floating because of the design of its legs.

Genny -- A contemporary-style recliner that has a wood and metal base. It comes in leather or fabric.

Sidney -- This model, which comes in a sofa or sectional versions, has long straight lines and metal rectangle feet, a distinctly modern look.

Fashion -- Natuzzi calls this model an "oasis of comfort" because of its sizable cushions. It's modular, allowing an owner to set it up in many different ways.

Natuzzi Sound

Sound -- This chair is for those who appreciate good design and appreciate good music. There's a cable hidden in the chair that allows a portable digital player such as an iPod to be hooked into the furniture. Unseen speakers give a surround-sound feel. There is a version of the chair without speakers, too.

Soprano -- It's a sofa that revisits a classic style, but puts a new spin on it. You're free to shift the backrest cushions as you like with the Soprano.

Nicolaus -- Adjustable is the key word here. The Nicolaus offers extreme comfort to its users by allowing the cushions on the seat and backrest to be repositioned through a sensor called "Soft Touch."

Joan -- The armchair clearly has classic recliner influences, but has some of the modern design touches.

Cult -- This style just invites you in, to sit down and enjoy the comfort. That's because of its rounded design, particularly on the armrests. Natuzzi says the Cult is incredibly adaptable and comes in sofa, armchair and sectional versions.

Natuzzi Odessa

Odessa -- There are very few straight lines on this piece, with curves from the cushions to the base. The standard model is not a small piece of Natuzzi furniture, so plan accordingly. There is, however, a more compact model.

Clark -- Unlike the Odessa, the Clark is very linear, with very little curvature in the design. But don't let that fool you. The clean design is very comforting to people who sit on it.

Coco -- Another very clean design that harkens back to the classic leather recliner but clearly has modern influences. Still, Natuzzi says this piece of furniture "embraces" you when you sit on it.

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